Cliff View from Land's End

With the pandemic restricting our movements, I have been trying to make the most of it by travelling to places I’m allowed to go. Luckily, there are more than enough places within the boundaries of England that I can go to for a break. So my girlfriend and I packed up my things and took the long drive to Cornwall via Exeter. So, this edition is more “Holidaying with Rory” than “Walking with Rory”.

Exeter Quayside Path

Exeter wasn’t actually part of the original plan, but the girlfriend wanted to take the opportunity to visit one of her friends while she was in the area. Which was fine, because Exeter is a lovely place to visit with its own rich history to sink your teeth into.

The main attraction though, was Cornwall. And what an attraction it is. We started our journey with a few nights in Penzance. Where we stayed put us pretty much on the beachfront, which also incorporates the South West Coast Path which meant going for a walk was pretty easy.

Being in Penzance also meant that getting to other places wasn’t too difficult, such as Land’s End. We spent the day over there taking in the amazing scenery to offer and traversing the many walking paths it has to offer.

Land's End Walking Path

And when we weren’t walking, we were stopping to take in the sea view from the cliff edges, which was breathtaking at times.

Lands End View from a Cliff Edge

From there, we went for an evening trip to the Minack Theatre for Opera Under the Stars. The theatre holds many events throughout the year and with it being an outdoor venue, it’s allowed to be open provided it’s safe. As someone who went there personally, I can tell you that it’s very safe. They even have someone there with a two meter stick to measure the distance between the attendees!

Our last day in Penzance took us to St. Michael’s Mount. The only problem was that the weather took a turn for the worst. So it pretty much rained non-stop for the entire remainder of our time in Cornwall. So unfortunately, I don’t have any photographs from the rest of the trip, which was in St. Ives. All I have is this one photo from our hotel room balcony that I managed to take during a rare break in the rain.

But take my word for it when I say it’s another lovely part of Cornwall. St. Ives was the more chilled part of the break. I don’t want to say it was because the weather was terrible, but it was a contributing factor to how the rest of the trip went.

Despite the rubbish weather, it was a great week away and I want to go back when I get the chance. At the very least, I need to go back to St. Michael’s Mount and take some proper photos of it.

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