pershore field

It’s been a while since I put a post up. That’s mostly due to the fact that I have not been out with my camera lately, but I was out a few weeks back over a weekend. It took me a while to write something as I hadn’t had a chance. But I do now, so here’s the latest instalment of “Walking with Rory”.

This time, I’ve taken my camera on a bit of a journey this time around and gone all the way to Worcestershire. Pershore, to be exact, in what was probably the last good weekend of weather we had over here.

cultivated land in pershore

Why Pershore, you ask? I was visiting one of my partner’s friends who lives over there. They suggested that we go for a walk seeing as we had good weather and to bring the camera. So bring the camera, I did, along with my 10 – 18mm lens.

The lens is what you would call a wide-angle lens. It allows you to capture a much broader image than you would with other lenses. It’s probably not obvious without a comparison, but trust me, these shots would not have been possible with any of my other lenses.

The walk turned out to be a lot similar to my previous walks in my local country park. There’s a lot of field and dirt tracks to traverse. There are some differences, however.

Along the bank of River Avon

Instead of walking by lakes, I’m walking alongside the River Avon. The majority of the path alongside the river is covered by trees, but every so often you get an opening where you can take a moment to enjoy the views.

Carrying on along the paths, you eventually get to a patch of open field with some houses off in the distance and some cultivated land, so I guess people farm around there. Keep going and you eventually reach a main road where you can take a short walk into the town centre. From there, you can loop back around to the beginning. But before that, you might get lucky and see some cows. In my local country park, it usually horses that you see, so that’s a nice change.

Cows in the fields of Pershore

That’s the walk. It felt good to take my camera out after a long time in the bag. I had missed it. I’m still not fully back into the swing of things yet, but in time, I’m sure I will.

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