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Parade of Shops

Welcome back to another edition of “Walking with Rory”. This walk is a little bit different as for a change, I’m not going through my local country park.

No, this time, I’m hitting the town for an afternoon of socially distant fun with my probably second favourite lens, the 17-85mm.

I did this walk on the weekend when the weather was glorious and nothing like what we are experiencing the past few days. That’s not to say I don’t mind the rain and thunderstorms. It’s just not the best weather to bring your camera out in.

Anyway, the walk is a relatively straightforward one, starting off at the local college campus and from there it’s pretty much a mostly direct route to the town centre.

Barking and Dagenham College

However, the direct route is boring, so I decided to take a bit more of a scenic route into town….by going through the local hospital grounds.

As you walk through, you can see some messages of appreciation for the NHS which is nice to see.

NHS Appreciation By The Hospital

Carry on a little bit further and you reach a small retail park with a few stores. Some open, some closed, some closed permanently (RIP Mothercare). Across the way, there’s a Homebase which had a pretty long queue of customers waiting to be let in.

Eventually, you reach the town centre and like you would expect…it’s pretty empty. Usually, I see the town centre filled to the brim with people. But obviously with the current situation, that just isn’t happening. At least, it’s easier for me to get around now.

Town Centre

I took a break from the hustle and bustle of the streets and headed into the shopping centre. Much like the streets, they are pretty deserted. Just a few brave souls can be seen wandering amongst the few open stores.

Inside of Romford Shopping Centre

The walk ends with a stroll through the recently re-opened street market. Despite only having around a quarter of the stalls it would normally, there were a fair share of people perusing what few stalls that were open. This is probably where everyone who would normally be on the main street came to, as it’s the only interesting thing the town centre has at the moment.

Romford Market

And that’s the walk. It’s pretty interesting going through the town centre. The streets feel so much more spacious than usual, but as a result, it loses all the life and buzz. Not being able to pop in to your local cafe for a quick drink and a bite to eat is all a bit strange to me. On the plus side though, I can take my time a bit more and appreciate some things I would have never noticed before. Like this lovely bit of artwork.

Artwork Above a Shop

I expect the street will be lined with people soon enough as stores are now allowed to reopen. Let’s see what happens going forward. First we need to get rid of this rubbish weather.

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