Walking Path at Country Park

In this next edition of “Walking with Rory”, I’ve opted for the humble kit lens, the 18-55mm lens.

I admit that this lens doesn’t get anywhere near as much love as it should from me despite it being a very capable lens in my opinion. Hopefully I can do the lens justice with my shots on this walk.

Walking Path at Country Park

Like my last post, I begin my walk going through my local country park. This time, it’s a different area of the country park. It’s a big park and I’m not sure I’ll ever discover every area of it, but I’ll try!

Walking Path at Country Park

Sadly, here aren’t any scenic lakes to enjoy on this route. The best I could find on the journey was what looks to be a bog of sorts. On this particular day, I met a couple of people who seemed to be sitting next to it as if they were at the beach.

Bog at Country Park

Much like the other route, there are lots of little hidden pathways that lead to who knows where.

Hidden Path at Country Park

Seriously, it looks like they’ve just put a fence right through a park bench. Anyway, the path eventually leads out to a park.

Opening to the Park

From here, I just follow the paths through the park keeping an eye out for everyone else who is also enjoy the good weather. Sometimes, they’ll be chilling on the grass or getting their daily jog in. There are even cycling groups whizzing past you. So this part of the walk becomes a bit of a slalom weaving in out and of people as they come at you from behind or from in the front.

Joggers in the Park

Reaching the park entrance gates, I find myself at the main road and it’s pretty much a direct route back towards the start.

From here, there is nothing really exciting save for the opportunity to get a shot of the West Ham training ground entrance. I didn’t see anyone important going in or out of there as I went past.

West Ham Training Ground

That’s pretty much the walk. I admit it’s probably not as exciting as the last one, but it’s still a decent walk to go on. It was also fun to get the 18-55mm lens out for a change.

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