Newly Edited Portrait Photograph of Kiyarash

In case you haven’t heard, a large portion of the world is currently in lockdown due to the COVID-19, or coronavirus outbreak. That means unfortunately, I am stuck indoors for the majority and not able to go out and photograph with people.

To top it all off, this weekend was Easter weekend. That means I had a super long weekend of potentially doing absolutely nothing. All I could potentially do is take photographs of the stars and the moon from where I am, which wouldn’t have been too bad…if there wasn’t any clouds.

So, in order to keep myself occupied for the four days, I decided to go back through my photographs from my previous sessions and do a bit of re-editing on them, starting from the very first shoot I did way back in February last year. Not only does it give me a chance to revisit some of my earlier work, but it also helps me see if my editing process has changed over the time I’ve been doing this.

So what was the outcome?

Newly Edited Portrait Photograph of Kiyarash

I’m happy to say that there are some definite improvements over time.
For one, I am a lot more selective with shots that I would keep and try to edit.
For context, I had around 400 raw files from this shoot.
The first time I went through and edited this set, I ended up with around 240 images.
This time, there are only 186 photos. That’s nearly 20% less photos this time around.

I also think that the actual editing of my photographs is slightly different as well. When you compare the photos side by side, you can definitely see a difference in the editing style. That’s probably down to a number of factors. But I would say that switching to Lightroom from RawTherapee had an impact. Not to say that RawTherapee is a bad application. In fact, I would recommend the app to anyone who doesn’t want to pay for Lightroom. Aside from that, I learnt a lot more about ways you can edit photographs in order to get different results.

Newly Edited Portrait Photograph of Vanessa

It was actually pretty interesting going back and looking through those photos. It was my first time ever working with models, so it was a new experience for me. All I had ever shot up until that was buildings, trees and lights. A lot of the models were out for the first time too, so we were in the same boat at least.
Hopefully I will get a chance to work with some of these models again after this whole thing blows over. For the meantime, I’ll just keep on re-editing old photographs and reminisce about a happier time when we could actually leave the house.

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