Candles at Southwark Cathedral

I do enjoy spending time in a church or cathedral. Whenever I go away, I always find myself spending at least a few hours in the local places of worship. But aside from going abroad, I try to get around to all the churches and cathedrals around London and recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Southwark Cathedral.

A bit like the Canary Wharf Lights Exhbition, the scenery is mostly dark with bright spots, this time provided by candlelight lighting some of the features of the cathedral. It makes for an interesting challenge and it was made even more interesting by the orange tinge that the outside street lights provided after pouring in through the huge windows.

But with a challenge, comes an opportunity to grow. So, I spent quite a bit of time editing these photos. A lot of experimentation took place in order to try and bring a bit more of a natural colour out of the pictures rather than the deep orange that they started out with. I think I did a pretty good job. Some of these will be going in the portfolio and you can also check out some shots on my Instagram account.

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