Installation at Canary Wharf Winter Light Exhibition

In what seems to be turning into a yearly tradition, the girlfriend and I headed over to Canary Wharf to see the Winter Lights exhibition.

I quite enjoy going to see the lights, despite it being freezing cold! It’s a good opportunity to get some photographs of some great work from artists all over the world.

It’s also a challenge at times as you have to work out the best way to expose your shots between the extremes of pitch black darkness and bright, colourful lights. So a lot of the time I would be fiddling with my aperture size on the camera but that introduces another problem in making sure that the shutter speed doesn’t get too slow that I can’t take a clear shot handheld. Thinking back on it now, maybe using manual mode rather than aperture priority mode would have been a better option for the shots.

Still, it was good fun walking around Canary Wharf and seeing all of the light installations.

There were some old favourites from last year like Bit.Fall; an installation that cleverly uses light and falling water to create words that have been taken from news articles from some popular news outlets…

I spent way too much time at this installation trying to catch a word as it fell.

…and some new installations, like the Lactolight installation, which is made of recycled plastic bottles (great for the environment!)

I imagine this artist’s bones are as strong as titanium after drinking that many bottles of milk.

They’re only there until Saturday 25th, so if you want to go and check them out, you better be quick!

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